Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jordan's back!

I wasn't expecting to see Jordan again, but her job in Colorado didn't pan out as she hoped. So she's....back! I'm very grateful for her return. A pleasure to work with. Such a lovely little girl, do I remember being so innocent?
My good neighbor today I am also grateful for. I had worked an hour this morning digging out and was only a fourth of the way through the blizzards drifts...when a neighbor showed with an endloader and cleared me out. I was only fashionably late to work. Am certain had I done it all myself I never would have had the stamina to head out to draw this evening. Nice arrangement of Schubert, Gershwin, and Enya for background. Hope everyone enjoyed it. I had nice comments on Schubert. Touching base with those connections of camraderie for a group of people so effected by the economy. But we will continue to create...it is necessary for the soul.


Uta said...

Love, love, love the top one. Such a fabulous pose. What size are your drawings? Going back for another look now.

Laura said...

I can see you work explanding. Everything is where it should be and such detail lady. You certainly are regaining you stamina at this. Good for you I see more in the future for sure.

butterfly woman said...

Wow, all I can is wow. I think it makes a difference how much you connect to the model, don't you think? I'm liking the first pose, so unusual. Model looks dreamy, like I feel all the time. The feet you mastered, like hands I have difficulty with them. Foreshortening once again is spectacular.
2nd image I like that her legs go off into nothing, more dreaminess, adds mystery to her.
We're all innocent, really, I think we can capture that with our creativity. Playfulness, innocence, all part of soul connection!
Bravo to you, for a while I forget about the crazy snow outside as I stare at your art. That's a good thing!

Bob said...

The first pose wow! Wow for both you and Jordan. The details are amazing, it must have been a longer pose unless you went in later and finished it from memory.

If it was a long pose, I'm impressed Jordan could hold her legs in that position for an extended time.. ahh the abilities of youth.

Feeling my age now,