Sunday, January 18, 2009

"You see..."

"You see when making a blanket, an Indian woman leaves a flaw in the weaving of the blanket to let the soul out." ~Martha Graham

An unexpected reminder, this quote, of the importance of all things. Especially those not available to the naked eye.

This week I would have to label myself somehow as a survivor. Many have survived the sub-Arctic temperatures and blizzards and drifting snow and still others not so distant had not witnessed the fury of nature this past week. Three times this week, my drive drifted over 18" twice I had help of neighbors tractors to take down the snow. Saturday when farm office next door was closed...I had to shovel it myself. It was a task not understood by city folk. Eighteen inches by 200 feet is some 10,000 calories burned over an intense sweat filled 2 hour project, leaving thigh bruises from shovel leverage and joints asking for the days end when still I had a job to go to. Fortunately not one of my desk positions, or I'd been dozing at work. I was out two jobs a day throughout the -37 wind chills and gratitude that my vehicle continues to start each time. I saw SUV's all over in ditches...apparently four wheel doesn't do ice? Cars stranded at every location I traveled past. Mechanics under broken cars in -36 degrees! A few heroes left out there. People stayed home, that wasn't my luxury and time was lost this week to shoveling out drive to get to work...only to find it had drifted back over during the day. Had it drifted over again last night, I'd have broken to tears.


Laura said...

Yes I would say you have survied!!

april said...

Love that quote.