Thursday, January 15, 2009

Horses, Snow and Sunsets

These were taken Wednesday before the -18 degrees without windchill. Fortunately the winds are still light and I haven't needed to shovel more drifting. I set out too early before the sun had gone down and it was far too cold to stay out or attempt another photo session in 15 minutes. The honey mare rushed down to greet me and the chestnut gelding refused to look my way. Maybe next photo session.
From the onset of the day, the weather was taking it's toll on drivers. When I warmed my car I saw and heard firetrucks...I was thinking an electrical fire but when I got to the end of my road, I couldn't pull out as detoured traffic was filing down my road. Finally the officer blocking whatever accident had to get out in maybe -36 below to allow several cars with me out. Seeing SUV's in ditches, apparently four wheel drive is no match for black ice. Another road block before I arrived at work for obviously a separate accident. Would have been great to stay in this evening, but behind at work and needing those hours lost. Gas man came yesterday and looking at cost of another fill of propane is really depressing. And after second job this evening, seeing cars at the grocery with mechanic's underneath and people in broken down cars at every turn. Quite frightening to go back out...needing Saturday's rise in temperatures.


butterfly woman said...

Looking at your beautiful horse photos takes my breath away and makes me forget the cold. Wonderful sunset photos in site of the cold. I just got some fingerless mittens and they have become my best friend when I take photos now. When the creative energy is flowing, not even Old Man Winter stops us! I want to pet that horsie!

butterfly woman said...

Just wanted to say I love the different horse perspectives. So near, and then so far, neat!