Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rod Plumley's One Person Art Show

How's that for an art date! All local school functions were canceled due to bitter weather but the Art Show went on...kinda speaks of the resilience of art. I was pleased I received a reminder phone call, as I told Rod I would be there at Christmas. Six students showed there work and after the first two embarrassed mumbling students...who create art...not excelling at social skills...I was nervous and hopeful that it wasn't difficult for Rod to do his presentation. Quite silly of me as Rod is a performer and his group plays at a local restaurant bar every Tuesday. He neither looked embarrassed nor talked to his feet as the other talented artists had. Putting his face on the line and I hope the growth he experienced will pull him through the rest of the semester!
After shoveling out the fluffy soft foot of snow this hours labor...I was an hour late for work as I had no idea we were getting hit by current storm and didn't get up early to shovel. Coming home from work I found the magic tractor had been through again and the huge mounds of snow will certainly last through March. Even yet tonight the drifting has sections blowing closed...thought I might park at the end and hike...but then it would be a hike to warm up the car in the morning. I'll likely need to clean the drifting out again. The exercise that was lacking has found me. Getting way past nap time now.


april said...

What a talented young man. Are they acrylics? Some even look like pastel. Very very nice.

Doris said...

His media is different throughout the exhibit. He's in studio, which means he's required to show varying mediums and also a series which his window pieces are beginning. those are mixed media as his window is assemblage projection which invites you to look through.

april said...

Wow! How interesting.