Sunday, January 4, 2009

Business Goals

Forgot where I pulled these from...probably bquotes from in my inbox each day. Haven't fully deciphered or prioritized them, but considered all worthy of achieving.
~I begin each day with enthusiasm and joy.
~All my actions are divinely guided.
~Ideas come to me easily and effortlessly.
~I am now attracting all the right people in my life.
~I now desire to better my life and those I care about.
~I awake each day with happy, loving and joyful thoughts.
~I create positive images of a success.
~I act and move toward my goals easily and effortlessly.
~I feel powerful, excited and passionate about today.
~I take positive actions towards my goal.
~My business is divinely guided in all ways.
Now that I look at them again maybe it's from
Well whatever, I took the time to write them down and will add these to my morning pages. Could really use affirmations in the present time.
My resolutions for the New Year include working on 2008 goals, revisiting 2007 unfinished tasks...and being more forgiving to myself for not achieving 2006 goals!


Laura said...

Thanks for posting them I going to copy it too and put them in my MP's. Too a New Year!!

Uta said...

You could also put I go to bed joyful and happy for what I accomplished today. :) Great affirmations, will copy also

Doris said...

I will go to bed joyful and happy today! Thanks!