Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life is life.

I've got all my balls in the air at once and the world keeps whizzing by in my peripheral. Hoped to see the inauguration, glimpses and peeks as live stream wasn't staying up at work and radio feed was interrupted by phone calls. What were people thinking? Why weren't they attending to history. I was so enamored by Obama my senator...I will miss that. His voting record and letters were always a delight. Now we have to share that with the whole country. Will I still get letters?
Donated blood today...actual donation moved fairly quickly but with appointment I walked in on a group of waiting people. Why didn't I bring my book in? The free Kane Co Women's Paper, filled with ads had little reading material but a full page on advice on catching your husband cheating. Is that for real? Wasn't there anything positive going on in Kane County for women to read?
Life this evening...barely home long enough to water the dogs and eat some dinner, but looked forward to drawing. Model forgot. Was grocery shopping when Ronnie called her...but she did arrive for a couple nice poses...I felt they were so Vermeer and I wasn't catching the beauty tonight. Adriene posed for gestures, Ronnie for a couple stretches. I haven't drawn the figure clothed in so long...it felt so foreign. Likely threw off my evenings focus. Bob dropped in to meet Ronnie and see the gallery. Pointed out Laura's piece. Very kind gesture. Thanks Bob!


Bob said...

It was nice to see you again last night and nice to finally meet Ronnie after a few email exchanges.

Thank you for the impromptu gallery tour.

Laura, very nice piece you have on display there!

As far as attending to history, I was in a meeting at work, so later caught history re-wound in sound bites on TV. My daughter and I had supper in a bar and grill in Naperville so we were surrounded by TVs all showing pieces of the day.


butterfly woman said...

Glad that weather cooperates and you get this artist date. I like the second sketch for some reason. The foreshortening and the way the back part of her becomes forms and shapes, thus emphasizing the face. Good to see you accept challenges of clothed figures. Great capturing of emotions through your artistry. I want to see more!