Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Acrylic Workshop

My evenings labors. I didn't feel like painting when I arrived this evening. Early start with demo put me in heavy traffic and nearly every red light for 16 miles. Or more,it certainly is much further. Took me over an hour to get in. Straight off teaching, home for very short period of time, I fear I will end up paying dearly for neglecting the dogs so. But Ronnie talked me into playing and so I did. I originally had what I thought was quite successful on the paper but quickly ruined it. So I turned the whole thing into background color and truly just played. With second evening pose, I laid it on top prepared ground and worked this way and that till I concluded here. Intend to rework the whole picture with fine lines likely using ink on top of this basis. Quite a few compliments but still feel quite critical about it...looks very much like high school acrylic paintings I was so uncomfortable with.
On other notes, substitute class this afternoon was quite fun, only two of the eight students had been in class before so I had a very productive skill building session and the kids seemed confidant and pleased with their projects. Early work had been slow again. Frustrating. Wish I could just rub a magic lamp and make work appear steadily...not all at once like it routinely occurs. A few undone tasks of today added onto morning agenda. Procrastination meets deadlines.


Laura said...

With the load you carry each day and put into this last night I'm very proud to see it and what you did. yes you may be critical but honey you did well!!!


Doris said...

Thanks lady! I'm scrambling yet this morning!

butterfly woman said...

Nice picture. Neat how you took old painting and recycled it into new. Look the background with its varied tones. Like the sharpness of lines of figure, light on hair and light on background gives it a spiritual feel to me.Warm tones of man, cool background, great contrast. Why would you want to add ink to it? I find it a heavenly piece. I always enjoy the angle you pick to draw from!
Always fun for me to see your work.


Uta said...

Well done Doris!

Doris said...

Thanks ladies, I looked again and still find it lacking. The perception ahead of the skill again!