Thursday, November 6, 2008

We are.

I've been watching my heron friend as he has been watching me. If I were to get closer I would be trespassing. Without getting closer my protege stays put. We are alike he and I, if someone comes near I must flee to preserve my individuality. To protect my fantasies. But mostly because alone I advance, with others I wait and wonder if my opportunity exists. We look at each other and for a fleeting moment of shamanism our souls mingle. I love that turn of beak, I look forward to the interchange. Unfortunately I haven't a zoom photo lens to snap this magnificent creatures likeness. I worry about the fears my beloved are currently facing and I treasure the history that cannot be replaced by current invention and folly.


Uta said...

Very cool, Blue Heron. Thanks for sharing.

butterfly woman said...

Beautiful Writing here, Ms Blue Heron. So profound and deep. You have such an intimate connection with nature and a poet's soul. I like the photo, it's more mysterious. Zoom lenses can be intrusive and even when they're used, nature's creatures depart. I love the "fleeting moment of shamanism our souls mingle". Your metaphors and symbolism with nature and yourself very beautiful. I'm glad I stopped here today.