Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm Thankful for...New Neighbors!

Oh, I hope they stay! I came home and such a lovely sight. Ran out and took some photos, they were rather aloof, but it would be their first day here! They are so beautiful..can't wait to see them run!
After,before, between jobs today I tended to tasks needing to be done. Caught up on laundry, dishes, banking, grocery shopping, thawing turkey, sanding and painting frames. I'm now ready to set awhile with a good flick (The Notebook, I just found after many searches!)and see what happens if I add some color to my butterflies.


Laura said...

What a good sign there. I would surely look up the horse for some added wisdom to your day. Peace lady

april said...

Oh my gosh. So beautiful. I would be sitting looking at them all day. New subject matter!