Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Computer issues and exceptional photo!

My computer crashed repeatedly tonight as I upload photos. This picture Laura took of my mentors studio table. It is so grounding to see it, feel the reverberations possible of all the different items atop the table. I was intending to upload the album Laura had taken and shared with me and of course it wasn't showing up in my files. Would it help to kick the computer? Not likely. Another day tomorrow and I need to catch a little shut eye before it arrives.


Uta said...


butterfly woman said...

Had to zoom in for closer work. And I second Uta's wow! Looks like a nature lover with the skull and wood pieces. Surprisingly, I would feel right at home there. I love clutter and chaos.I think I would feel like I was on an archeaological dig if I stepped into his studio. Could you share some of your mentor's paintings or creations sometime? Creating despite disorder, hope for me yet.
A very cool mentor!!!!!! Like him? already.

Doris said...

I will post some of his work! I had just put up the images Laura had given me on my profile on facebook. Have you ventured there?

butterfly woman said...

Ventured to facebook? I don't know how to get there, in some ways I am still backwards with internet savvy. Please let me know, I love exploring!