Monday, November 10, 2008

Battle grounds

Worked today with a collector who imposed harsher unrealistic payments of me. A judge would have been fairer. Even the judges of this area who believe they've heard it all and impose bias against all before them in court. They believe the justice system works? When attorneys and judges open their hearts to truth and honesty, then the system will work. Until then their bias unfairly treats all stand before them. While twisted minds get away with evils and innocents get blamed. A tangent? Do I go to court and hope there is a heart? I've spent over ten years in the courts and have yet to see anything but attorneys taking money from impoverished people who have learned that in the courts their still small voice doesn't count. What counts is how much you have and are willing to pay an attorney. If I had enough to pay an attorney, would not then the debt been repaid? Would that life ever be kind? There are users everywhere feeding off the system and users feeding off the just. How much change can one person create? How much loss is expected before eyes open and ears hear? Who is the vulture holding your debt? Likely the same one that advertises to be the good guy rather than the loan shark who will take all so you might have medical procedures necessary. They also want your soul.

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