Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Life Tonight

Challenging evening with two models. Twice as much work in same time frame. Although one of my sketches just had single model. I was pleased to see Lauren after many years. I regretted that I had picked up my work from previous show on Saturday as there had been one of her. Sounds like she scheduled to come back after holiday break. Last evening of life drawing session until holiday show comes down. It was packed. Just enough elbow space. People I'd not met before. Sharing of wine and appetizers must draw the friends out!
I had an interesting children's class today, subbing I had no idea where these kids would be in skills and what had been taught previously. The school is out already for Thanksgiving and boy were these kids talking! I was a little frustrated with their aspiring perfection and left it at a point where they must imagine and create their own backgrounds and decorative motifs. We touched on skills in technique that would apply to each picture they create and left it on that.
Stopped at vet to pick up my free turkey and waited about 20 minutes for practice owner to come out of appointment to thank and wish a Happy Thanksgiving. I'll be there tomorrow evening but doubt that he will. Too bad I don't start holiday tomorrow! I'm ready for a long one. Second coat of paint on recycled frames. One may need a third as it was initially white. Keep on keeping on!

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