Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hobo and The Macaw

Hobo happily posed for several pictures, it was difficult to get his eyes open with the flash. He's an amicable fellow who had been brought into the clinic for euthanasia. Lived his life in a garage, boycotting the litterbox. We work on his issues, we clean up after him, we worry that his weight will continue to climb. I have to make litter use interesting or he doesn't bother. He is so completely affectionate, clashing with his downfalls. He has had routine eye irratations that when treated cause him to scratch and damage himself more than allowing a little build up that can easily be wiped away. Could there be another home for him? He's certainly happy being a colony cat.
The Macaw was another story altogether. He was not pleased that I was flashing a light at him. He had been given to me as he arrived unexpectedly with family members from travels. The owner looked into rehoming him and found no-one who understood the noise or damage this feathered friend can elicit. I had interest in rehoming, but haven't had the conviction to place him. He's really a dream gift, how does one let go of that?
I ran down to Paramount Art Center in Aurora to see exhibit of Scott Harding's of Aurora. I'm so glad I took the time to see the show, it is wonderful showing of his paintings. And a rather enjoyable backdrop to see such a show.


butterfly woman said...

Paramount Art Center, ah brings back memories, what a beautiful place to show one's art. I remember when it used to be s movie theater (I saw Gone with the Wind there). I love the creatures who preside here today on your blog. Oh, to paint the Macaw, what a rainbow of colors. And Hobo what a little Garfield of a cat! Thank you for sharing their histories. Makes them all the more endearing, and they really look quite content here.

april said...

I agree. Love the stories. Yes, two beautiful creatures!