Monday, November 17, 2008

WBN Expo

Had time off today to prepare and get ready for Expo. Rachel dropped in to get a few more of her things and just when she thought she was through, I had her go back again through a few things I wanted to give to Goodwill. So we got a bag together. That's a little declutter accomplished today! Cleaned art and wrapped corners for transport. Wiped down exhibit boards and hauled them out to my van. At some point today I lost a lens to my glasses and I fear it may be somewhere out in the yard under fall leaves. Had an old pair of atom ant glasses and thought at least they are returning to current fashion. Just another crises to deal with, when it fits in schedule. Or when finances can compensate with new eyeware. find that lens. My cousin Nancy came to Expo, it was good to see her and she said she'd come back to January meeting. That would be so great to see her more frequently! We'd been seeing each other about once a year at sister Dorene's annual pigroast. I didn't go this year either. Always working.Subbing another class this week and the days should fly quickly into next weekend...into next week...and so on and so on and so on.


butterfly woman said...

Is that your art on the left there? All nudes? If so, great you have place to share them. I zoomed in but blurry, though I love the sepia feel to the photo. Glad you continue to put your art out there, sorry I couldn't attend.
Sounds like a great group to belong to. I find myself having a little easier time marketing myself, as I embrace myself, it gets easier!
P.S. I loved watching Atom Ant on TV. He looked so intelligent. Glad you have spare pair of glasses, hope you find glass part before snow flies.

Doris said...

No lens yet! I'm too distracted to take a good picture at the moment. Deleted a ton of nudes last night. Same ones over and over. I was hoping Laura would post some shots of expo since mine were so bad. Sepia toned it on purpose! Although we might get upload from coordinator of group.