Sunday, November 23, 2008

A couple more proofs.

I thought I'd add color pencil to these proofs as I'm very displeased with them as they are. I might go back and try an inked proof, but I'm not visualizing it in a solid color.
My day today was in culmination of ideas. I had intended to sand and paint some recycled frames for these prints tonight but sheer exhaustion from extensive afternoon yardwork, settled me into chapter of Art and Fear. Probably first week of this new book I'm on track. I raked an extensive area of lawn, hoping to find the missing lens, but no reports of it's whereabouts. Burning leaves. Putting away lawn furniture and new canopy. Removed gas from one of the tractors for winter care. All of these positive accomplishments could not rest my mind as todays revelation albeit always an unspoken knowing was made apparent. My father will continue chemo indefinately. He's been given a two month prognosis if he discontinues chemo. While we pray for miracles, it's brought an understanding as to why my father isn't fighting this disease like a winner. All the crazymaking selfserving insanities can set on the backburner while I pull into acceptance.

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Laura said...

What a productive day. As the hubby say's here I'm going back to work for a vacation. Seems you are keeping on task there. Wished you would have found your lens. I lost a watch over a year ago and when cleaning the fish tank I found it in the back when a hose part fell behind and I was groping around to find it. Here I thought I lost the watch in the woods one day. Keeping your dad in my prayers.