Saturday, November 1, 2008

November Mushrooms

More mushrooms to delight in, don't these look delicious? More photos from last weeks hike at Silver Springs. Don't the turtles eat the mushroom? They are the favorite of Jack's my son's Asian box tortoise who shares life with my insanities. Some pictures of Jack soon!
Today was "share and care recycling" at Kendall County fairgrounds. I made two trips, intended a third but didn't make it. Finally removed my broken installed microwave on my to do list for quite some time, but opportunity to get rid of it safely happened today. Alongside a bunch of old mobile phones and batteries, plus bunch of junk electronics. I feel a burden lifted as those pieces are no longer a part of my present, only the past. Didn't realize they were collecting bikes and bike I went back with five children's bikes that only two of which were really worth anything. I was going to go back with scrap steel, but instead went to my sister's garage sale to lend a little moral support and hope moving furniture became a possibility. It later did, my ex brother in law brought a trailer, my boys and nephews loaded it up, and boys helped get furniture into my house. Changes are becoming rapidly apparent, and a new leaf, or year, or even presidential term is approaching.

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