Sunday, November 9, 2008

Not ready for winter temperatures.

Recent pictures from state park. Much warmer day. Reflections upon the water of colors I'd been hoping to see. I spent afternoon getting somewhat caught up with outdoor work. Mulched leaves inside fenced area. Cleared wire from burning pile. Rearranged garage to get new tractor inside. Flat tire, stressed battery...I pushed it in, but it is in and there is no longer ice on the seat! Found a glass tiled piece of plywood in the garage with glass shattered. Not a clue where that might have come from. But will go out with Tuesday's trash. Quite a bit of rearranging, still need to bring in patio set, but darkness set in as well as chills. Baked some zucchini bread to warm the house and crashed the evening. Wiped out and looking forward to some shut eye.


Laura said...

Such a productive day, You go girl, I had called around 4:30 I'm sure you saw, Just wanted to chat and touch base. Hope you week is good. Keep you mind, eyes and heart open. There is hope and I'm glad you back the bread and made you house a home...
much love

butterfly woman said...

The fall scene photos very tranquil and peaceful. I felt calmed looking at them. You and Laura are certainly the bread bakers. I love the smells (and tastes) of homemade cooking. Right now I have 4 candles burning (vanilla and cinnamon). Heady scents putting me into a creative mood! Yeh!