Saturday, November 29, 2008

More pictures to take tomorrow at family's Thanksgiving. It will be so good to see all the family, I believe they all will be there. My children will be there anyway. It's not often enough that I get to see them.
Currently taking care of self...last three days bike rides and last two days target training muscle groups. This afternoon's trips up and down stairs were rather trying. I was able to get another set of prints matted, the first set framed and as evening fell, another coat of paint on second set of frames. Unbelievable that four coats are necessary.


Laura said...

Progress is happening around you lady. Glad you will be see the your children this day. Give thanks and prayer for you mom and dad.

butterfly woman said...

Glad you get to see your kids, exercise and be creative. All good. Do you mat and frame your own creative pieces. I'm also curious with your painting process of the frames. Sometimes I'll take a plain wood frame and paint it say blue to match color in my painting. Kind of fun that way. you too?

Doris said...

I love Laura's new pix!
And yes, I do mu own matting and framing...except when Laura does it for me! I've been recycling frames for the good of the earth and of course my pocketbook.