Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Thankful

For the wonderful weather. Last year at this time we had freezing rain. I saw something or other about snow but I wasn't going to pay attention yet! My son came over today with a ladder and helped me clean the gutters and hang Christmas lights. I cooked the turkey and stuffing, cleaned the bird, made a first batch of turkey soup stock and interacted with the new neighbor. My suspicion is the chestnut is not broke as it wore no halter and stayed quite distant from my attentions. They apparently have access to the barn by way of new paddocks. Maybe a shared carrot tomorrow. I had an afternoon bike ride and pleasantly there was very little traffic. It likely was dinner time around the area. I only noticed one of about ten houses that had guests in my four mile ride. The others must have gone out to relatives or friends. The young male calves watched me pedal my ole Schwinn and one had the audacity to charge forward to the fence line, he received a happy how do you do as I so enjoy the attention of kindred spirits. I set out to accomplish much today and with some realignment I still accomplished much. Just not the same as my days agenda. Still to find the eyeglass lens. Maybe tomorrow.


Uta said...

Oh I love Christmas lights. How pretty they look.

april said...

Your house looks so warm and homey...and who is that in the window? And what a nice day you had! I wish I still had my old bicycle that I would know how to pedal!