Monday, November 24, 2008

Making do.

My daughter's clothes drying rack was easier to pull out rather than hang lines for prints to dry. Truly not too many will fit.
Looked out at the rain this morning and no sooner thought, Thank God it's not cold enough to snow when the flakes arrived. With rain under the snow the car windows were messy. I'm not at all ready for subzero temperatures, ice, and least of all the darkness.I have a really hard time leaving for work when it's already dark. I want to stay home. But I walked today in meditation, had chiropractic adjustment, banked, worked second job, made overdue phone call, and most importantly, sanded and put first coat of black paint on recycled frames,and matted a set of prints for holiday show. Wanted to have them ready tomorrow to save a trip, but the paint wants a 24 hour recoat plus 24 more to dry. Hoped I'd have time to put my feet up for a spell, but eating dinner at 10PM. Suppose that's much better than snacking at night. Tomorrow is last life workshop till after the holidays. Which road am I traveling?


Laura said...

It works though, and good to see the prints there drying. amazing to see. and proud to see them printed.

Uta said...