Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Life came just in time! Before more sprockets blow! I really didn't sleep at all yesterday,the night long it had been impossible to relax. Well, I slept soundly a couple hours before dogs woke me, but then it was over. Where's that leap of faith? I stepped out and took some action on making changes and found out there's a mulitude of uncorrected garbage on my credit rating. Will history ever let go?

Jordan here is a new model gaining experience. She has stamina and beauty. We had a wonderful session with David Hettinger explaining the direction he takes with his drawings and why. Enlightening, grounding. Shorter sketches to share here. Jordan has beautiful proportions and no one seemed to notice how they drooped with the passing of time. Muscles changed and so did the drawings. The close up was a foreshortened pose I really blew...well, it looked nice but there was space that shouldn't have been there.


Laura said...

dispite the difficults you still shine my dear. I love the top pose, not that the others are good but you have a good eye for the details as of the feet and toes. Well done lady! good work to be proud of. I look forward to Wednesday morning to see your work from Tuesday night Life drawing session.

Bob said...

Again some very nice work Doris.

You know, when I model I often wondered how many notice if I'm drooping more as the evening goes on, especially during the 4 hour sessions. I know I can feel it and try to correct for it but bodies often have a mind of their own.

butterfly woman said...

Yes, you captured the drooping in the second pose. It's actually kind of interesting you saw that, I've often marveled at model's stamina as is I enjoyed the foreshortening depicted there as well, I always had fun with that when I did life drawings. The last picture the model's face is like that of a little girls. Very intriguing that you captured that "vulnerability", which makes me like that drawing the best. Awesome work!!!!!So good to see your new stuff.

Uta said...

Doris, I love the close up. Wish I could see it more clearly.

Doris said...

She is a little girl. Not likely outof college.

april said...

They're beautiful, Doris. So gentle. The top one is my favorite too.