Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well, whatever.

I've wasted the last hour trying to upload a file image!
I'll just retype it here without graphics as I've wasted far too much time:

WBN EXPO - November 17th
North Central College's Annual Women's Business Network Expo

During the evening area women will share with attendees their businesses. A variety of businesses will be represented including:
*Wellness Products
*Skincare Products
*Hand made greeting cards
*Proofing Services
*Mentoring Service for Writers
*Real Estate Brokerage
*Creative illustration and design services
*Fine crafted accessories for the home and wardrobe including handbags and scarves
*Pearl jewelry
*And more!

Items for Sale- Giveaways- FREE!

November 17th, 2008 from 6:30-8:30 PM
North Central College
White Activities Center-Fireside Lounge
325 E. Benton Ave.
Naperville, Illinois

See that exclamation point after the "And more" that's me who procrastinates far too much and doesn't accomplish intended tasks! OK...maybe because I was waiting for approval to show my nudes...but the group said YES! I'm nowhere near what I intended to achieve since I've had several months to prepare, but heck, I'm preparing 30 different directions and usually it's my personal intentions that fall by the wayside. So be there or be square...and hope I make it too! (I'll be there if even with a small portfolio.)


april said...

Wonderful! Yay for you!

Uta said...

YAY!!! Good on you Doris.