Monday, June 30, 2008

Catching up or Keepimg up

Worked late today, as ending of fiscal year and data entry of inventories to do. Worthwhile as late start mornings and traffic detour last week cut into my hours. Finally back out for lunchtime walk. Picked a small amount of trash today? A chunk of pine that I had walked around the past two weeks 4x4x4 with several nails to remove. Will probably add to burn pile but the wood itself has captured my attention daily till I picked it up finally. A 6 pack ring. I cannot knowingly allow any of God's creation to become entangled and lose life because man decided to wrap his cans with plastic. My daily quota of rocks for collection, 2 miles a day, a rock for each mile. An odd glass pepsi bottle, I've not bought pop for over a year, they've returned to recycle-able glass? So what's it doing in the ditch? Home to find my girl washing her car. Overdue but now whistle pig clean inside and out. Changed some laundry, did some dishes and had a bite to eat before prayer hour. Necessary part of my week, gratitude and reflection and prayers for my needs and those needs of others. It's late now, but I can go forward on this week, knowing I gave last week it's fair effort.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family Reunion

It was a great day. Pages done. Mass. Thought the congregation unusually rude to visiting monk who said mass. Sat down after communion before he was finished. It was different and I'm not certain why it happened. There were only a few parishioners still kneeling when he sat down. Reminded me of the instance when fabulous composer of hymns was visiting and sang a powerful rendition of Ave Maria. In the middle of his song as the priest sat down, the congregation all sat and kneelers were slammed back to upright position. Surely I was the only one in rapture with the beautiful music and didn't anyone else notice how rude it was to the very distinguished guest. He volunteered his time to the congregation and certainly needed to be treated with respect. Oh but these are my anal tendencies. Not of others.
So back to the reunion, I had poor tips again Saturday evening so intended to make a cherry bread from pickings earlier in the week. Took a blueberry bread recipe and altered ingredients to accommodate cherries instead. It went over well. I made a lovely dill yogurt dip that I did brag to a few dieters that it was yogurt and was delicious with broccoli. zucchini, carrots, and red bell peppers. I thought I needed to buy vegetables and ingredients for dip and somehow they were all there in refrigerator waiting for me. 102 relatives were counted today. It was very good to see many who over the years I had not taken the opportunity to visit with in years past. Apparently I had felt insignificant in prior years and realized how a few family members had put me into that frame of thinking. Rather than exclaim my grandiose survival of past horrors, I felt inferior. Certainly I'm not in same social class, but then intellect is not expected from those in poverty. Beyond the years of severe emotional abuse I endured to protect my children from same, when did my intelligence become part of my financial situation? Is anyone out there listening? Why is it presumed that suffering poverty only capitulates on inferior intellect? Does anyone practice ethics anymore? Isn't it understood that bad things do happen to good people? Way of course here, but there are so many reasons people don't enjoy family gatherings, when family is supposed to be the people who love you no matter what. After all that, I did feel love andacceptance today. Talks of religion and politics, and it didn't matter that all involved in topics were of differing opinions. There was still love and respect. All the inferior years are behind me now. I could lose everything I have and not believe the opinions that have stifled my growth before. I think I grew up today, finally.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Through the Looking Glass.

Today, I will begin at the beginning what the day gave to me. I woke to let the dogs out at 5:00am, decided to go back to bed, dreaming of huge gap in the fence and dogs escaping, challenged, trying to find something to block the hole, help needed to repair. I got up believing the dream to really be about fixing the broken gate...which need new post and anxiety as to how might I close off section, while post sets. Sat with my tea and was writing about the strangeness of my dream, but who walks past my front window? Lucky Pup. (Not Capt. Destructo) I ran out back looking for open gates and found none. Lucky quickly entered gate when I called him. I was following fence line looking for a possible excavation when what do I find? A huge hole chewed between fencing. I was running to the garage looking for something to block off that hole till it could be repaired. Missed piece of plywood, dug into back corner for a piece of pegboard, gallant efforts to move storage quickly when I saw the easier more manageable piece of plywood on my way out. Propped a few logs in front of the plywood and sat back down to wonder at the page what had just happened. As my daughter Rachel came in I told her of my dream and what had happened, she wanted to buy the replacement fencing. Said she'd go to Menards to get, I asked her to go to Home Depot, she preferred to go to Menards hoping to run into cousin Dale's fiance Emily. It made me uncomfortable, but without reason I relented. She would go to Menards and prepay the lumber for me to pick up. Sudden anxiety about Menards? I shrugged it off and entered the store blindly to figure out this process and direction to head. Clerk printed an invoice and directed me to drive around back. I drove around back and was told the order to be too small for lumberyard that it would be an in store carry out. Told to head to garage 15 inside store. Back in store there was nothing but bags of sakrete in garage 15 and feeling violated further, I walked into the outdoor lumberyard which I was told not to drive to and found a door with "special order" sign above. Huge room nothing in it but two guys, one was willing to help me, back to lumber about 20 feet from clerk who sent me on wild goose chase. I wa really frustrated and tears were welling. But he loaded my four fence boards on a cart and I was off to parking lot and on my way home. Why was this trip so uncomfortable? I really felt like Alice in the Looking Glass. Was all this disorder supposed to make sense? One last stop for gas. Nearly full, not quite and hoping the evenings business will be better. Fence boards went up quickly. Still need to trim excess at top and bottoms of new boards. Haven't decided on stain as color of fence discontinued and I need to choose new stock color, not special order color. Are you still with me? Rest of day somewhat uneventful. Cut inside fence with tractor, hung out some laundry, cleaned the pool,sat at pool edge and tried to catch up with chapter reading, saw storm system roll in and headed laundry back in, rolled up car windows, and just in time as thunder rolled. Headache tonight, quite unusual for me to get a headache. Did I accomplish? I think as much as humanly possible and maybe just a tad bit more with some intuition leading my day. Work again slow. The day to consider as is now done. Gratitude for Divine assistance.

Friday, June 27, 2008

More static

Images still not cooperating. Trying to share some pictures here, would be really nice if dial up wasn't so slow. Losing time and perspective as the page uploads or refuses to upload, tonight I will not bother further with it. Accomplished another trip to DMV, this time successful, shouldn't need to go again for another year. Sticker already attached to license plate. Task complete. Plans for tomorrow? I didn't make enough money to fill up weeks gas. Taste of Chicago and Naperville Ribfest have encroached upon my income. When people leave town, my night's income is not supportive. On other end of spectrum, long awaited phone cal from my son Randell, has been busy working a novel, much pride in the upbringing of my beautiful children. Led to conversation with my boss, about "posers." Am I a poser? Without enough time to create, is it just make believe? Or is the whole idea of a poser scripted through jealousy of those incapable to accomplish the same? An affirmation would be helpful. I am a brilliant and prolific artist. Well, I may not presently be prolific but I am brilliant! Starting to lose consciousness here. Best to sign off and get long awaited rest. Goodnight.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bad hair day?

An accident of some sort had rerouted my morning drive into work, along with hundreds of others, took an extra 30 minutes to go about 3 miles. Haven't heard yet on news, but haz-mat emergency vehicles passing. That was simply a poor start to my day and to many others, especially whomever involved in accident.

I had been trying to post a few images but AOL is behaving badly. I've been on four computers today and have had numerous password indiscretions. Whole line of emails from AOL on resetting my password. The images didn't upload either I could wait for the blue moon, but instead I'll just tell the tale. Unproductive trip to DMV today, wasted my walk time to get my plate sticker and didn't have any checks in the checkbook when I got there. Did my horoscope specify a bad hair day? Don't recall. So I'll be heading back to DMV with another wasted lunch hour tomorrow. I do now have checks in my checkbook. Didn't get very far in my reading last night before sleep overtook my intent. Attempt to catch up again tonight although I've wasted considerable time here arguing with a machine that has no intent to perform as asked. Aren't computers supposed to make your life simpler?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More rain predicted

Today, I played catch up. Usual morning chores before being gone to two jobs for 13 hours. Extra task load as pup was very naughty today. Shredded a cat scratching post, a boot, wicker plant holder, straw hat and even some holes in the linoleum. At least he didn't destroy another plant, my 5 ft palm fronds were in little sections all over the house on Sunday. By the time I caught up with last Sunday's meal cooking and fishtank upkeep, pool upkeep, setting up fan for humid week coming through, some laundry and dishes it's now 9:30 in evening, time to set back down and close up my day. Monotony of patterns that I keep accomplishing, so very good at multitasking yet my single goal of moving my art forward rarely fits into the days. Losing sleep and meals creates poor willpower and far less patience than I care to have for use each day. So, I have a few minutes here and am going to use them to catch up on my chapter reading! After a good night's rest, Maybe the sun'll come out tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life or Figurative?

All day I waited to hear that life drawing was a go this evening. Finally found that out about 5:30 pm. Decision was made to increase the fees without enough people to cover model and rent. Grateful. I was so anticipating going although the schedule had been changed to every other week and this is the third week in a row I'm back. The coming is still slow, but I'm breathing and feeling and experimenting with color. Feel like it's gaining momentum, soon drawing will be the rule rather than the exception. It's inconceivable to many as to why an artist goes through dry periods, although read about, rumored about, or even considered part of the genius, but a wise acquaintance had shared with me this past winter..when we draw we remember. Often the memories don't care to surface, or we intentionally suffocate those painful memories rather than deal with emotions so jagged they sear the soul. So we don't work as we need to, to pass through the pain and get to the other side. Back to life drawing. Enjoyable evening, sat with Pat who as fate would have it had bought my piece "Chopsticks" for her husbands upcoming birthday. So it's still in hiding rather than on the wall at the present. Chatted some with a few artists, felt so at home. Although the pose I was struggling with a bit, I'm a little disenchanted with lying down models. I do appreciate how difficult it is to pose, I've sat for several portraits by friends. But when the model is lying down, you lose hands and feet and faces. Even more, as the pose becomes difficult the model relaxes and drops and the tightly tracked lines have changed. But that is part of the challenge of drawing from life. Capturing essence before it's mutated. Will have a new model next week and hopefully commitments will be made long before the hour ahead of time. Still need to find a new local friend to commute in with. Those yesteryear friends have moved on...I do hope they carry with them yet a little remembrance shared during drawing together.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Waiting and Hoping

Still on that same page. Completed a few tasks, but not even possible to get on top of chores. Finished trimming the lawn after work, feels good to have that done, won't even consider the weeks impending rain and how long it will be before I can manage to get it cut again. But today I can find the piles I need to pick up. Hoorah! Was happy to make it to Holy hour this evening. Was a needed time of deep meditation and reflection. Running borrowed trimmer back at end of night. Grateful my folks still stay up through the 10pm news. Thought my week looked too tight to get it returned another night. Upcoming reunion at my folks this Sunday. Dad was weedwhacking today, so pleasing to see him getting around and accomplishing his tasks. Still asking for his strength to return. It comes slow. So once again it's past my bedtime trying to add to my tale.
My daughter had a wisdom tooth removed today and was doing a little recovery time by the pool. After 5 double shift days, it was good to see her rest. She has so much to say, so many changes she has chosen this year and they all seem for the better. Somewhat woke up her napping by trimming the lawn. Pool water felt fresh and crystal clear, unfortunately my day didn't allow restorative action or inaction either.
So I'm waiting to hear that enough artists will commit to tomorrows life drawing...seems pretty dire, cancellation looming. Need to make trip to DMV this week and get my plate sticker on time. Stopped over at wikpedia today to look up rainbows, and mildly surprised they come in other varieties than common arc. Didn't stay long, side trip from work's work. A few pieces of art with rainbows in background. Think on that one a bit. After seeing Paul Burd's photo at Yorkville State Bank, landscapes are quite interesting at the present. One with white egret captured my attention immediately, another river shot included a rainbow. It all seems to merge itself like pieces of a puzzle.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Self Promotion

Today is about self promotion.Today is about tasks overdue. Borrowed Dad's push mower and got most of the trimming done today. And should last a week! I still need to cut inside fence. Started, but so much to do and time to move forward with evening position. I took the risk and told a co-worker of my blog, hoping to get an opinion.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another long day, this one in the sun

Another long day, this one in the sun
As I expected, majority of tasks undone. But I did accomplish numerous tasks and with the help of my RC, the tractor oil got drained and poll vacuum macgyvered to work. Did some burning not on my agenda but branches kept toppling off my burn pile with the winds. Added a few backyard trees to quota of edged around trees to ease tractor work. Got pool cleaned and got a pool workout in. Tons of laundry, after the morning rains, breezes were blowing the laundry soft. So I can go get into a fresh clean bed.The dogs bedding has all been washed and floors swept, mopped and bedding laid beack down clean. Bathtub got a scrubbing. Changed water in dogs pool and picked cherries! They'rs still soaking to get the bugs out, not sure what to do with a quart of tiny cherries. Too bad I don't have a dehydrator. Did not get to getting gifts and cards ready for neice nad nephews birthdays. Did not borrow Dad's trimmer. I need to do that and get the overgrowth cleaned up. Money will only stretch so far. Amazing all thr advice currently being given on how to save money...I keep hoping I'll learn something new to share. So much to do yet this weekend and time is not on my side. RC said he'd cut the lawn tomorrow. Hope so. Any amount of time saved is good.Starting to doze here. Good night, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Long Day is Done

14 hour day is done. So glad for the weekend and opportunity to catch up on the weeks lost sleep. But then so many chores lined up, it'll still be a rat race. And an extra shift so Deb could have Sunday off. I did get out on my lunchtime walk today, picked some yarrow for my desk. Nothing special to report for the days excursion, a few clouds were spitting at me and I could have used a few more. The boss had interchanged computers in the office while I was out, so I now only have one monitor on my desk, rather than second one piggybacked to computer wth seizures. Certainly I would have had seizures had I continued to work off that one. Came home and Capt. Destructo had found the glue sticks I had no idea where I had stashed, hopefully he hadn't eaten any. We should work as a team, he'll locate all the things I've misplaced and what shall my part be? I'll keep patience with a naughty teething pup. So all the weeks tasks to be accomplished tomorrow? Hopefully a few tasks anyway. I'd heard something about showers, may deem lawn cutting out. Still have to drain the gas from the oil on tractor. Another project, more time involved, but the sun'll come out tomorrow. At my bottom dollar, time to bet on the sun?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Homestretch to the Weekend

Running behind seems to be becoming a morning ritual. Of course the paycheck will show that. Once again, recognition that sleep is so important and I'm not getting a full amount. Lose willpower when presented with dietary indiscretions, fall into a daze at the desk, needing to rise and circulate some blood. Capt. Destructo just chomped the june bug that flew in the open door! At least he gets credit for that. Belongings tucked away are not safe, those left in plain sight he'll disregard, but hidden things, things put away and toddler proofed get chewed up. Still, at least someone is making decisions on what clutter to remove from our homestead. Rarely am I caught sorting through things unseen or seen for that matter. Some chatting with daughter while she got ready for evening out. Was really nice that we were home at the same time. Got to tell her how naughty her pup is. Shared more household insights. Evening nice enough to get in pool and clean it. Short amount of water exercise before blood thirsty mosquitoes came out. So now I'm off to catch up with my chapter and maybe even get a full nights rest. Tomorrow is cousin Laura's birthday, hope it's wonderful from start to finish!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This piece is also in Summer Breeze exhibit at NAL. She is an 8X11 image, color pencil on charcoal paper, framed. $120.00

My day has been kind. Lovely weather to walk in. I was paying little attention to the scenery today as I gathered thoughts and intentions and prayers. But it had been paying attention to me. I passed the whistle pigs burrow and he had been watching my path, didn't dart into his burrow until I was several feet away and we made eye contact. Was hoping to see old turtle again, but not this day would she come out to greet me. Oddly although I've been traveling this path for most of two and a half years, it was the first time I'd seen an engine and two cars on old train tracks. I had noticed an old caboose at one time. I continued on my way and spotted a blue heron fly past. Not long after three hawks were sailing directly above me. I was tempted to lie down in the grass and look up at their play. Here was the spot where tractor had hit 4 foot fox snake last week. I had no desire to come that close to another of it's kind. So I continued on and returned to work. At days end, I was greeted with package from cousin Laura. Mat board and foam core waiting to get used. Very grateful, it's timeliness surely appreciated. More work to frame, more pictures to take. New memories to bring to life.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Evening

It's been a good day, and pulled into a good evening. Ran into Naperville this evening for life drawing, was really great as cousin Laura had come too! I was rather surprised she had brought collage papers to work on pose, was thinking she was coming to sketch. Really beautiful pieces that amazed everyone. Mine are getting smoother. Kinks are working their way out, and I have beginnings I could continue on with if I choose. I always felt Life drawing was practice in seeing and believing. So it was a good evening, moon looks very full, expecting the summer solstice this weekend. This drawing I have entered for the June/July exhibit at NAL. She is titled, "Tuesday Evening." Color pencil on charcoal paper. Image 7"x11" $150.00 framed.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Panel Discussion-Entrepreneurship

I really had a delightful day, ending with a delightful evening at Women's Business Network meeting. My morning tasks disturbed by barking pup and chihuahua, needed to check out what the issue was. A large possum had lumbered inside my fence and was being tormented by dogs from either side. I quickly scolded the dogs into the house before possible damage to any party, but thought how odd that he had entered the dog realm unknowingly. Surely the scents of my pack deter many a varmint critter. With fabulous weather I enjoyed my lunch time walk and saw a woodchuck dangling in a low bush about waist height. Fumbling and reaching he maneuvered his way down to the ground to escape me. I hadn't realized a whistle pig(I like that newly found name) was capable of climbing! No turtles today, but spotted four inch fish darting while I scoped the creek for a view of her again. So back to evening plans, invited a couple wonderful artist friends to head in to meeting with me. Peggy McWethy Sutton whose fabulous rural watercolors are quite popular, and Amy Irwin artisan and owner of gallery/boutique of Imagine on Main, downtown Oswego. The panelists were lively and upbeat and really positive emotions and connections were networked. My guests are looking forward to the next meeting in August and plans made to bring the group to different locations of WBN entrepreneurs throughout the coming months. So at least one meeting will be close to home at Imagine On Main! I had a moment as everyone did to introduce myself to the group. Did I surprise everyone? Did they expect an entrepreneur? Forging ahead with connections, a real positive outcome for this day.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Reality Bites

Stayed up a little late again, today I caught some movies. Finally caught up with The Family Man, seemed new and fresh comedy, but as the end neared I remembered I had seen it before. Maybe not the whole thing through as I tend to crash when seated in the chair. I intended to pull into chapter "uncovering a sense of perspective" in finding water, began did some task work and was dozing at the page. A good time for a movie? Seems probable that I fall asleep at that point. But the movie, Reality Bites with Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, and Ben Stiller captured my generation. Why had I not seen it before? And the struggle of artists to make their way in this world, helped with a little self-forgiveness. Especially after taking most of the day to accomplish little. I did accomplish matting a couple old prints for NAL portfolio bin. Will be changing exhibits this week and am ready. Visiting my folks for Father's Day, took in a nice walk with my Mom, got updated on family happenings, my Godson, Dean and his fiance Becky were also there while I visited. My niece had left a number of things for the family from my deceased sister's belongings a they've put the farm on the market. I came home with a box of memories, my sister had also collected chickens in the kitchen and now I need to find space for adding them to my own clutch. A beautiful silver brush set that will make a wonderful prop for drawing, maybe even self portrait with hand mirror. My Mom even asked if I'd be working on my art. I didn't this day, hoped to, but drained emotionally, physically and even spiritually. Last day with Father Dan, I sniffled several times at Mass, it will be easier to write him once he's gone, 19 years my Rock through hellish times. Forever in my heart.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A short long day

Where did the day go? I slept in some. Got up,did morning pages,tended the animals and off on errands. Spent more at grocery store than I am comfortable with. Have I accepted that my weeks gas is $70.00? Seems odd, certainly I could be paying down debts with that money. Worked on the tractor for awhile till I was frustrated enough for tears. I forgot to turn off gas when I put it away last weekend, the gas leaked into the oil and I couldn't remove cap to drain the oil. Needless to say, the lawn looks like a meadow. Lovely clover and weeds towering over grasses. Before tears, I walked away, changed and got into pool cleaning and then pool workout. Tomorrow I will have to consider the tractor again. Laundry on the line, and off to another slow evening at work, fortunately it hadn't rained while I was gone and laundry down and put away after dark. I attempted to watch comedy "Family Man" last night and thought I'd try to see the end without dozing off again. We'll see. So maybe today is back to rhino and spiritual idealism. Intentions for the day shot, I knew my expectations were too high, but every once in awhile things fall into place. Tomorrow is overloaded once again. Need to bring in the flag raised for flag day today and respect the end of this day, tomorrow may possibly be more productive.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Role of the Great Blue Heron: Peacemanker

The Coloring of the Great Blue Heron is significant. Blue is connection to Father Sky. It also is the color of t he sixth chakra, representing the third eye. Insight and psychic vision are emphasized. The heron is predominately a solitary bird, but during mating season gathers in clusters of colonies to raise young. A highly independent creature adapts to communal life. Th theme of the two legged walking with the Blue Heron is of Peace. Peace must first come from within. Once finding peace, sharing the lessons and guidance for Others to find that same Peace within. Two legged with whom the heron flies will also emit tranquil vibration affecting and inspiring other souls to become in balance and harmony with All.
It's been a long day, I'm glad it's through and wonder if tomorrow will bring the accomplishments I aim for. Obviously first I must make Peace with myself when the tasks at hand fill more hours than the day will hold. But, I will make some time before I head back to work to nourish myself. Enough sleep would certainly help.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Medicine of Great Blue Heron:Uniqueness

"The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of the people when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us."
~Black Elk
"For the two-legged with the Blue Heron a a Totem, there will be a desire to establish themselves as a unique and independent Being, often making these souls the revolutionaries that disrupt the status quo of society in order to elicit change and evolution. Although this is a trait with many challenges, when operating from it's Highest Vibration, Blue Heron souls teach the rest of us the value and importance of each individual contribution to the Whole."

There's deep learning from the spirits of animals, from fable to parable, back to folklore and then again to lessons learned. Our teachers, our friends, our worldly companions. So, peace must first come from within.
Already it's been a long week, and it's nearly weekend again. The pup, Capt. Destucto has been very busy teaching me about removing clutter. Most things left aside are great for teething. Most teething things are easily removed from living quarters by magic of the waste removal system. Tomorrow is a long day. Am I ready for it? Cleaned up my nails and soaked my feet, so much falls the wayside when time is constricted routinely. The winds of change still blowing strong, should invite peaceful slumber.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Exhaustion, yet continuing through

I needed much more sleep than I received after staying late to draw. Wanted to doze through my morning pages.But I pushed myself through the day, accomplishing what was needed in this day. My walk brought in treasure. A tiny indigo bunting expired at roadside. I carried him through my walk as I prayed and considered how precious and necessary his life. I did in fact carry him back to draw. Odd I spoke to new friends, old friends last night about the times I spent drawing roadkill. And this roadkill is exquisite! Further on I stopped and watched the turtle of twelve inches dash under water out of sight. I waited a moment hoping to glimpse her again and try to identify the type of turtle it was. A great spirit no matter which species she is. Back at work, I had a hard time with focus as there is now so much on my mind. The beautiful picture of Laura's neighborly possum carrying ten young, uploaded as my new screen saver at work. Thoughts.I cleared out writing papers at vet, looking as I was certain I had written of summer pet warnings. I had located my previous articles on heatstroke, fireworks and thunderstorms, traveling with your pet, and most important the dog days of summer. Still, looks like a rewrite tomorrow as it's not quite summer and the real heat has not arrived. Finally homeward, I spent a little time sketching the tiny blue bird. The unexpected gift and treasure. Sleep is next to carry me into tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A good day with many lessons

I spotted a woodchuck while I walked today and wondered if he had a lesson for me. Tapped into the animal totem sites to learn what he might say. I'd never heard the groundhog called a whistle pig before, really uncertain as to why? But stopped by to see what else was written about my current mentor the rhino and lo and behold there was a special issue on a site about my great blue heron. More later on all the day's discoveries. Attended life drawing tonight and positive flow of energy warrants as regular of visits as coordinator can muster. There is a serious lack of interest in drawing the human figure, possibly because of misconstrued reputation of artists, at their worst behavior? The human figure is a sublime creation and yet society adds taboos and stigmas. It's plenty difficult for an artist to bare his art to societal judgement, even more so when the subject matter isn't socially acceptable. I suppose if artists muddled over questionable parts of the figure like the TV news does it might be more marketable. So I have a new cause, to find others out there that need that studio time to reconnect their sight abilities to their art forms. Maybe dear Sunhawk is free Tuesday evenings? I stayed late to reconnect with another artist, Lela Luetger from twenty years back and pleasantly she recognized my married name from a print of mine she had purchased. Was thinking about the print itself before I had left for the evening, time to mat a few up for the portfolio bin as it's subject matter the "Landforms" sculpture downtown Naperville. I had designed the print for a postcard contest of NAL after they funded and raised funds for Naperville's riverwalk sculpture. I look at my hands and I see my age. Will have to locate and share a very early print of my hands birthing flowers. Those daisys are setting on my desk this day, collected as wildflowers on one of my walks.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Baby Black Rhino

Was intent on finding some backyard photos when I stumbled across yet another rhino photo of the black baby born at Brookfield many years back. I must be intent on unearthing something buried deep. Hopefully it's not food as I've decided my overconsumption has been based on fears riddled with a lack of self respect. Or shall I say the devil made me do it? I'm pulling into the last weeks of chiropractic treatment and looking at new x-rays and future treatment plans. I think once a month would be too infrequent, but the scheduled payments would lighten. Working into yoga last month, I had movement in my low back I hadn't experienced before. Although it flooded my system with toxins, it was a great reward for laboring to improve my health. Just got the news an impromptu life drawing session is on for tomorrow night. I'm so pleased. Waiting another week to draw would be far too long. Trying to keep up with so many different arenas, it was a very healthy choice to drop the secretary position I had been invited to. Actually was so starved for creating art that I was going to settle to politics for art guild. Silly thought. I've done many years in volunteerism and it is time for another to fill those openings. Some reading yet to do before I retire.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brookfield Rhino

My intent was to locate some pictures of rescues in my backyard, came across this picture from many years back to add to my story. I believe the main intent when taking this picture was remembrance for my little ones. Today I photoed a fledgling bird. I was weeding and digging and encountered a nest disturbed by afternoon storms. Two young were drowned. I buried them with my weeding. I placed the thriving one in nest at base of peach tree and after feeding it 4 earthworms and 2 grubs said a little prayer that parents were watching and going to take back their job. Saturday I had detoured on tractor path as robin young were hopping about calling out for food. The parents close by. Quite humbling to realize these same little birds would find their way back to my yard next spring after wintering south. Friends for life.
This day I visited and had visitors. My parents and two of my children. Another strong day of accomplishing tasks and attempting to move forward with goals.

Saturday's Post

For some odd reason I was unable to sign into blogspot yesterday to post. Full day of errands, yardwork, and pool cleaning before swimming workout and off to work. The evening was slow, apparently many graduation picnics in town.

Friday, June 6, 2008

The weekend is here!

Long, full Friday. Took half day off between jobs to have part off tractor welded a second time. Still is not right, but I was able to McGyver bolts to make piece workable. Most of the lawn cut, freeing up a couple of Saturday hours to take it a step further. Maybe weed? Been needing to pull back grasses aroung trees to make trimming an easier job. Busy enough evening to pay for the weeks gas. Worry a lot lately as to whether or not there may be grocery money left after filling the gas tank of the van. Often there is not, and so many necessities, which are true needs?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spiritual Idealism

As I walked at lunch today a little blue rhino caught my eye. I wondered it's story, I wondered it's tale. It is a solidary creature, a survivor of the age of giant mammals. Actually carrying a peaceful and timid nature, often seen going out of its way to avoid trouble but aggressive when threatened. He has poor eyesight but his hearing is enhanced. He digs up roots and edibles with his horns. He is preyed upon by traditional Eastern cultures for the keratin of his horns. He is a reminder that if a persons ideals are too high and unattainable depression will set in. One step at a time is a reminder. Patience and perseverance are the cornerstones of his tale. As guardian of ancient wisdom, he holds the secret to survival, reminding us to tread gently upon this earth and respect all life. I played with my new friend as I tended plants. Why did we share this day? There is still so much to learn.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Storms impending

The heat has charged my person with lack of sleep, and rightly so. Staying out drawing last night is to be paid for in energy and of course with this evening's early retirement. Watches and warnings listed, did I hear? I listen to the distant rumbling of thunder and know this will be a good night for sleeping. Thankful for all that is good. Fans spinning overhead,I wonder if I was supposed to be concerned about violent weather? The day progressed and I was able to accomplish feats at my jobs and now I rest knowing I gave my best, Not as I'd have liked but as was necessary. The dogs bark now at the closer rumblings, they need my daily resignation in order to rest themselves. I see the moon and the moon sees me, God bless the moon and God bless me.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Life Drawing

Twelve years later, I was back in life workshop. The time span was figured by David Hettinger, great portrait artist whom I had the privilege to work alongside. It was good to reminisce. Positively a productive evening, loosening some rust. Pretty little model who had such a soft flow of features, I could barely draw her as my tools were faulty. Several breaks in pencil set I attempted to reconnect with, difficulty in getting an edge with my pocketknife. There were other artists there, over time I think I'll form some new camaraderie. Artists feeling challenged by the figure as they should be. Her form in her poses quite difficult as shadows blended different limbs together. It hasn't been twelve years, but twelve years since I attended life drawing at Naperville Art League. There flowed passion. Slight disapointment in my tools and rusty practice, but I felt life surging through my veins, and am ready for more!

Monday, June 2, 2008

"Hunter's Flight"

Raptors have always fascinated me, with power and speed and vision surpassing the trained artist eye. Early pencil drawings I had completed with individual feathering sold quickly, and for a period of time if someone asked the subject matter of my work, this was it. An experienced birder could say that when looking directly at a bird through their binoculars, they would see the bird looking directly back. What then enters the mind of the bird? Are we simple or complex? Fears and superstitions harbored against these magnificent creatures caused the death o many a raptor. I chose to allow the strength of lines in this embossed linocut to serve that spirit.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Possum N Young"

This piece is an old favorite embossed linocut. I have it on display for sale at "Imagine On Main" a boutique/gallery in downtown Oswego Illinois. I've not seen a possum recently other than roadkill. On a walk early this spring I stumbled across a pair of possum skeletons, and carried the skulls back for for sketching. They're bleaching alongside some driftwood on the lower patio. Interesting, the canines are loose and fall out easily. The spines were also very interesting, still intact, I was a little disapointed I hadn't had time to pick up their complete skeletons. But the beauty of this overlooked creature impresses me.